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JACK CREATION創辦人JACK CHAN入行逾年,是香港首位考獲英國攝影大師協會AMPA資格婚禮攝影師。 美國WPPI攝影協會攝影大師資格,  Top 100 photographers of WPJA 2013, 亞洲婚禮攝影師協會AsiaWPA創辦人之一 及首位香港攝影師獲歐洲攝影精英協會WEP邀請成為精英會員, 2017年更獲頒攝影大師資格。


於各大國際攝影比賽獲得超60個獎項。 一直主力拍攝婚禮和婚紗照、至今已為過千對新人留下美麗回憶,為新人在婚禮當中紀錄最快樂和難忘的每一刻之外,JACK CHAN不斷提升攝影技術並不斷參加海外和香港攝影師研討會和工作坊作為講師。



Director and Chief Photographer – Jack Chan

Founder of AsiaWPA, Master Photographer of WPPI,  Associate of MPA,  Top 100 photographers of WPJA 2013 , Master Photographer of WEP, WEP World’s Best Wedding Photographer 2018


Jack Creation as its name implies, is a company that strives for cutting edge creativity and emphasizes the importance of sincerity.

With many years of hands-on experience as a wedding organizer ranging from wedding photography to professional Master of Ceremony, we are fully aware of the importance of good communication and of a caring attitude to understand and cater for the needs of the new couple.

With this mission in mind, we provide a one-stop service including outdoor bridal photography, photography and videography on the wedding day, Not only does our production crew provide professional wedding services, but we also provide professional  capturing of corporate events by photography and videography as well as the organization of major dinner events.

2 replies to About Us
  1. Hi Jack,

    我想問下你地有無去過GUAM 同埋BALI影呀?? 唔知你地會唔會有依個地方既PACKAGE,我想知道PACKAGE詳細detail。我都想問埋如果當日wedding day shooting 既package又係點呢??

    如果要去海外shooting,係咪要包埋c攝影師同化妝師既flight and accommodation fee??



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