Emily & Edwin intercontinental hong kong

kim_-13 b  kim_-51 b  kim_-82 b  kim_-94 b  kim_-154 b  kim_-175 b  kim_-186 b  kim_-222 b  kim_-268 b  kim_-283 b  kim_-467 b  kim_-489 b  kim_-511 b  kim_-531 b  kim_-541 b  kim_-546 b  kim_-547 b 

                                            kim_-634 b                                           

                                            kim_-640 b

                                            kim_-689 b

                                             kim_-750 b

kim_-865z b

                                             kim_-858 b

kim_-872 b  kim_-883 b  kim_-885 b  kim_-934 b  kim_-944 b  kim_-993 b  kim_-998 b  kim_-1010 b  kim_-1020 b  kim_-1026 b  kim_-1379 b   kim_-1382 b







One response to “Emily & Edwin intercontinental hong kong”

  1. Emily Chan Avatar
    Emily Chan

    d相影得好靚呀, 辛苦曬你地!!多謝Kim以及攝影團隊當日幫手, 你地好專業!
    由於我ge面形問題, 好記得當日呀Kim由早到晚都不停提我影相要側少少面, 令我影相靚d, 呢一點唔係每一位攝影師都做倒~你要繼續加油呀, 為更多新娘拍攝靚靚相片!!

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