Wedding Day Sharon & Chris by Jack

7月份时为sharon & chris在布拉格拍摄婚纱照,转眼间数月过去,到了他们的大日子,在这天整个拍摄过程都很开心,因为大家已经建立了朋友的关系。我拍摄过程中都在分享他们的喜悦和幸福。

S & C-1067 copy S & C-1091 copy S & C-1176 copy S & C-1365 copy S & C-1376 copy S & C-1380 copy S & C-1386 copy S & C-1422 copy S & C-1541 copy S & C-1569 copy S & C-1584 copy S & C-1610 copy S & C-1650 copy S & C-1677 copy S & C-1681 copy S & C-1684 copy S & C-1687 copy S & C-1720 copy S & C-1722 copy S & C-1795 copy S & C-1802 copy S & C-1863 copy S & C-1874 copy S & C-2078 copyJAC_2825JAC_2827 copy

By Jack








2 responses to “Wedding Day Sharon & Chris by Jack”

  1. Sharon Avatar

    Thanks Jack & your team 🙂

    1. jackcreation Avatar

      You are welcome, Sharon & Chris.

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