Oversea Pre-wedding In Japan

Dear all,

As we mentioned previously, we are still looking for one more couple to join with us.
If you are interested in it,your shooting schedule will be held on 16th Feb or 17th Feb.

By the way, we appreciate if you may have any suggestion that you like. We may arrange a singular trip just for you!

Jack Creation






3 responses to “Oversea Pre-wedding In Japan”

  1. Suki Avatar

    This is Suki. I just checked your website randomly online. I would like to take wedding photos in Japan. How much is it in total? Can we join?

  2. Jack Avatar

    Dear Suki, Thanks for your considering our service.Pls feel free to contact us 31097310 or e-mail to jack@jackcreation.com to get more info or meet up to discuss.I will consider to plan a trip for you.

  3. Rainbow Avatar

    我真係想影Post Wedding喎…. 不過日本去唔起… 有無平價少少既地方, 下次叫埋我……xdxdxdxd (我係Rainbow呀!!應該…. 唔會識好多個Rainbow卦?!)

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