Oversea Pre-wedding in Japan

Dear friends,

We would like to say thanks for all enquiries in advance.Now it is pleased to announce that the trip of JAPAN(Tokyo/Karuizawa輕井澤) in Lunar New Year (from 13 Feb to 19 Feb) is confirmed.

Now we invites one more couple to join with us. Any couple are interested in this,please email to let us know.

Don’t hesitate to contact us !






2 responses to “Oversea Pre-wedding in Japan”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    jack,點解你唔早d搞呢?咁我同榮基舊年去輕井澤就可以搵你幫我地影啦…哈哈!祝你地影到更多靚相!!! ANITA

  2. 讓你們對我們,了解更多‧‧‧ Avatar

    多謝你地的支持啦,咁你地咪可以考慮一下影POST WEDDING 囉!!哈哈!都有人會為了結婚周年而影番輯相 ga。Jack

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